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Ugo Lorusso - Portrait

I’ve always been reallypassioned about creation, the satisfaction in the processnand the final result.

I followed this passion first in simple DIY, then in computer science and after in the business world.

Walking this path I realized how all these apparently different routes shared my passion for creating things, to start from an intangible idea and make it tangible, or digital in computer science.

I developed almost all my woodworking skills studying online, following videos and courses, then practicing and experimenting; it’s actually an ongoing process.

The social media enviroment has been a great inspiration and help in developing my skills, that is why I choose to share my projects and making process, my goal is to inspire and support others to follow their passion.

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The Sapling Company new location

On July i decided to start look for a new space for my future workshop, the old one was too small for my dreams.

In this video I’ll tell you something about this new chapter and my future projects.